Mike Morley

Dad, coder, golfer and occasional last placed triathlete.


A Welsh exile living in Colchester and (mostly) working in London I spend my week days building the user interface for web applications, other time is spent catching up with my family or trying to maintain my single figure golf handicap.


A Contract User Interface Developer and a Mobile Specialist, I build web application interfaces for market leading companies, delivering usable, elegant, performant and highly maintainable front-end web solutions.

An expert in delivering JavaScript and implementing HTML5 API’s to engineer a rich user experience that is built upon a framework of well structured markup and cross platform CSS. I advocate for the most recent standards, multi device compatibility and simplicity in design - bringing over 15 years commercial experience from a variety of multi-functional software engineering teams and creative agency environments.

There is a lot more information about that on http://9eg.gs.

Tucked underneath this page is mish-mash of experiments, tests, code snippets and resources all related to my work feel free to take a look at the colourful links below. If that is your bag.